Why Are Movies Better Than Books ?

Books existed long before motion picture concept came to life. In the olden days, reading is one of the favorite pastime and more importantly people had more than enough time to go on reading for hours and days. Lack of technology could be one of the reasons for people to settle with books and give their imagination all the load to visualize. Undoubtedly writers give their everything to make their books interesting and include as much details as possible to let readers imagine precisely. Having said that books do hold a good spot anymore when compared to movies. Filmmakers put their hearts and souls while making cinemas to ensure that their entertainment quotient is higher than any other forms of entertainment. Book readers would still debate that reading is better but below explanation to prove why are movies better than books would certainly change their minds.


  • Moviegoers do not need to strain their minds to imagine a lot of details as everything is visible right in front of their eyes. It helps them to focus more on the story and other aspects of movies.
  • It is just not about their imagination only but they do not need to focus on reading words and sentences but listen to what the characters are talking.
  • Audience can simply buy a ticket and enjoy movie on a comfy recliner, air conditioned hall with adjusted lighting. To add, they can elevate comfort levels to the next level by sipping a chilled drink and crunchy popcorn.
  • Reading effects in a book or comic is not as entertaining as watching them happen on the screen. For example compare reading a batman series to watching them on the screen. Readers must fall in love with what they watch even if they do not agree on it openly. Producers spend millions and creative directors spend a lot of time in making the most of computer graphics to shoot the special effects.
  • Reading books is favorite pastime for many and spend a lot of time while completing each book; however in the current generation spending so much time simply deprives them from enjoying or attending to other aspects of life. Whereas movies make it a lot simpler by showing the full book in less than two hours. Cinemas are certainly time saving when compared to books.
  • Technological improvements such as 3D, 4D and virtual systems make movie watching exciting, watch online from http://rdx-hd.info wonderful and nerve wrecking. High end digital cameras, lenses and software technologies help technicians to go wild with their imagination.
  • Last but not the least, we need to shell a good amount of money to buy and read through the one thousand odd pages of words and sentences while stressing our minds to imagine the same is no way better than spending little money to watch it on the silver screen. It is possible to buy a digital version of it and play it any number of times.

No matter how much ardent book readers debate on why movies better than books, motion picture has received overwhelming response from the masses and certainly hundreds and thousand folds preferable than reading.

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